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Edition No9 – Whyte & Mackay Hunt

Posted by thealltweetjournal on April 2, 2009

In this week’s edition of the all tweet journal we tell how the popular Whyte & Mackay safari hunt is heading to London – giving twitterers the chance to win a bottle of the famous Scotch whisky.

We also have an exclusive half-price offer on the Story of Scotland children’s book.

Enjoy the all new all tweet journal



Whisky safari hunt heads to London

By @makingthenews
twitter correspondent

LONDON is set to roar tomorrow night — as the Whyte & Mackay safari hunt nips down south.
After taking Glasgow twitterers by storm last month, the Whyte and Mackay lions will be hiding in London bars, moving from pub to pub until they are caught.
The lions can be found by following clues on Twitter and Google Latitude.
A Whyte & Mackay spokesman told the all tweet journal: “The first four people to ‘catch’ the lions will receive bottles of whisky — including a 19-year-old special edition — while runner-ups will have drinks bought for them.
“Once the lions have been spotted, they will be placed on the bar of each pub — all the person has to do is walk up to them and touch them. They will then receive a bottle of whisky or drink after revealing their Twitter ID.”
The original hunt in Glasgow on March 27 attracted hundreds of followers and comments on Twitter with people from the US and Europe joining in on the fun.
Whyte and Mackay marketing manager Phil McTeer added: “Once again, we’ll send out cryptic tweets about where the lions are, while also updating Google Latitude. Pics and video may also be sent out to add to the clues.
“People not in London can still take part by following the tweets and adding their opinions as to where the lions might be. At its most extreme it could be millions of people searching for two lions. It’s just a bit of fun but it gives people a chance to get a free bottle of whisky or a drink from us.”
The hunt begins on Friday April 3 in an undisclosed London location.

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