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Edition No 7 – We Support BigPinkHeart Day

Posted by thealltweetjournal on March 12, 2009

In this week’s edition of the all tweet journal we pledge our support to Big Pink Heart Day — a campaign by @bigpinkheart to have a positive social behaviour day once a year.

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Edition No7

Edition No7

the all tweet journal pledges its support to ..


By @makingthenews
twitter correspondent

@alltweetjournal today pledges its support for BigPinkHeart Day — an appeal to launch a calendarised day with a Love Thy Neighbour Theme.
BPH Day is the branchild of @bigpinkheart — aka Sharon Clephane — who, while wanting to promote positive social behaviour on a daily basis, is appealing for a National Day on October 21 each year where the public are urged to go out of their way to help someone less fortunate.
Sharon told the all tweet journal: “BPH Day would be like Valentine’s Day except  we would focus on a MrsDoAsYouWouldBeDoneByDay.
“If we can get the nation to really go out of their way on one particular day by inviting the elderly neighbour for dinner or doing something special for someone at work on that day then it will encourage more people to do things throughout the year.”
BPH already has the support of celebrities including KT Tunstall, Adele and Tom Baxter.
If you would like to support or if you require further information you can follow @bigpinkheart or visit


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