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Edition No4 – Twitter Wedding Special

Posted by thealltweetjournal on February 18, 2009

This week’s edition of the all tweet journal is a wedding special.

We reveal the world’s first ‘marriage’ on twitter and ask will it last?

We also introduce you to the exploits of @twitchhiker who is about to embark on a 30-day mission to raise money for charity: water

You can of course donate to charity: water by tweeting p$5 @twestival or by visiting the charity: water website. EVERY PENNY RAISED GOES TO FRESHWATER PROJECTS

Enjoy the all new all tweet journal

Wedding Special

Wedding Special


@brucewagner and @k8dt say ‘I do’

by @makingthenews, twitter correspondent

@brucewagner and @k8dt made history this week — by becoming the first couple to MARRY on twitter.
The popular New York chat show host had the craziest of days on Monday when he first of all went ‘missing’ then returned to discover he had wed an Italian-based singer songwriter.
@k8dt told the all tweet journal: “When Bruce went missing I got worried so I started messaging a few tweets to find out what had happened, asking ‘does anyone know what happened to Bruce?’
“An hour later Bruce came back with the answer .. I DO with a link to what had happened. After reading the story I replied to say ‘I DO TOO!!!’
“All of a sudden  I began getting messages saying ‘sorry to have missed the wedding’.”
Married @k8dt refused to comment on rumours that she could be charged with bigamy but said: “If Bruce wasn’t gay and I wasn’t married we would have a great future.”
Bruce refused to confirm that he was now a married man. He said: “Rumours of my marriage over twitter have been exaggerated, I am only just now hearing about it. However, I am not denying that it happened … I am just saying I don’t recall it happening very well at all.”
Bruce’s boyfriend Ed was unavailable for comment.
Read how Bruce went missing here

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