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Edition No5 – @twitchhiker set to take off

Posted by thealltweetjournal on February 26, 2009

In this week’s edition of the all tweet journal you can read all about @hitchhiker who on Sunday will set off on his 30-day ’round the world’ trip .. relying entirely on twitter users.
All proceeds from his trip will go to Charity: Water.
We also reveal how Comic Relief are trying to raise awareness about Red Nose Day 2009 on twitter.
And we break the sad news that after just one week of ‘marriage’ @brucewagner and @k8dt are heading for the ‘divorce’ courts.

Enjoy the all new all tweet journal ….

Edition No5

Edition No5

@twitchhiker .. 3 DAYS TO GO

Paul Smith set for 30-day charity mission

By @makingthenews
twitter correspondent

@twitchhiker will set off 30-day charity mission on Sunday — to see how far he will get with the twitter community as his only aid.
The freelance journalist from Newcastle — real name Paul Smith — is attempting to travel the world in just one month relying entirely on twitter users.
And it’s all for charity, with proceeds going to the same charity supported by Twestival, Charity: Water.
In an exclusive ‘twinterview’ with @journalism_live @twitchhiker revealed: “In terms of travelling, nothing’s organised. One of the rules is I can’t plan my route more than three days ahead.”
Other rules include only being able to accept travel and accommodation on twitter and only from twitter users.
If Paul is unable to move on from a location within 48 hours, the challenge is over and he will go home.
He added: “I’ll report back with a mix of blogs, videos images and of course tweets. It’s important we’re all in this together and prove twitter can make a difference. Charity: water is a brilliant charity and I hope to do my bit.”

If you would like to feature in next week’s the all tweet journal, DM your big news to @alltweetjournal


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