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It’s Here! First edition of the all tweet journal

Posted by thealltweetjournal on January 29, 2009

First Edition

First Edition

In the first editon of the all tweet journal we are giving readers the chance to win a ticket to the first-ever Edinburgh Twestival

The first batch of tickets sold out within hours so this could be the last chance for Scottish twitterers to get involved in what is sure to be a legendary night.

We also reveal @weblivz ‘s new website and confirm that @wossy and @stephenfry are genuine celebs on twitter.

You can download the all tweet journal for free or get your hands on the real thing by sending a DM to @alltweetjournal


@weblivz went undercover this week — to expose people on twitter who claim to be celebrities.
The OpenID.ORG owner has built a team of sleuth tweetectives at to find out who are the real stars and then report on the interesting things that they say and do.
@weblivz explained: “The idea of valebrity is in the name — validation of celebrities!
“Last week, Mike Butcher asked the Duncan Bannatyne on Twitter to prove he was the real Duncan Bannatyne.
“I mentioned a few tweets later that it would be cool whether @wossy was expected to validate the account of every celebrity that registered and put it on his blog . . . which I coined ‘valebrity’.
“I decided it might actually BE quite useful to have such a site to do two things.
“The first is to follow who is REAL on Twitter (and in the wider web world) and the second is to follow these real celebs and highlight interesting stuff that comes up.”

If you want to feature on the all tweet journal DM your news to @alltweetjournal NOW!


3 Responses to “It’s Here! First edition of the all tweet journal”

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  2. I’m pretty sure @darthvader isn’t real though !

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