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Welcome to the all tweet journal

Posted by thealltweetjournal on January 21, 2009

Launch Edition

Launch Edition

Click on the image above for the full size version or click here to download the PDF

HELLO, and welcome to the all tweet journal — the online newspaper for twitterers all over the world.

the all tweet journal will be designed by @makingthenews and will be published at once a week.

It will start as a single front page but where it goes from there depends on you — if there is demand we can increase the size of the newspaper or publish it daily.

Our news desk want you to tell us the big news in your life or business and we will publish the best stories. You may have landed a big contract, developed new software, launched a new website or product . . . or something big may be happening in your personal life that you would like to share with your fellow twitterers.

Send your breaking news and pictures to @alltweetjournal and you could make it on to the front page of the all tweet journal

First edition out Thursday, January 29.


5 Responses to “Welcome to the all tweet journal”

  1. debbidoo said

    Great idea, but wouldn’t it be more appropriate to send stories as Tweets? Set up a new Twitter account that’s only for Real Tweet Journal stories? 🙂

  2. Thanks for being the very first to leave a comment, Debbidoo:-)
    Good idea too – I’ll set up an alltweetjournal account as an alternative method of sending stories!

  3. Great idea – and cool name 😉

    Best of luck with The All Tweet Journal Mr McIvor.

    Richard @holeinhiseye

  4. Paul said

    Excellent, James, nice one, its looking great 🙂

  5. […] of that’ when they heard about it) and being a sports author, he’s gone and created a newspaper for Twitter, which launches this […]

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